234: Reflections with Partners: Dekker Bros Farms

234: Reflections with Partners: Dekker Bros Farms

This year we are getting our field plants started in a professional greenhouse setup with our new partners. I had the pleasure of chatting with Jordan from Dekker Bros Farms and discuss some shared passions.

On Farming:

Nate: Describe some of the ways that your connection to farming has influenced the way you approach your business.

Jordan:  We’re motivated by the passion and heart that we have for this industry. We’re convinced that this is what we’ve been called to do. We’re grateful every day for the opportunity to serve others with the plants that we grow. I believe all of this gives us the perseverance to keep the business growing in a sustainable way for generations to come.

On Plants:

Nate: Talk about those plants a bit. Describe your connection to plants.

Jordan: Simply put, I can't think of a better environment to work in everyday. I feel very blessed to be able to come to this job and get to work.

On Brothers

Nate: What’s the most difficult aspect of maintaining a good working relationship with your brother?

Jordan: I think it is important to understand each other’s perspective. We definitely work better when we’re together. We try to maintain a healthy relationship that supports growth in a way that we can still have fun and enjoy what we do everyday. That’s so important.

On Partners:

Nate: Describe the value you place on establishing good partnerships with vendors and suppliers.

Jordan: I think it is very important to surround yourself with like-minded people. We are relationship driven people and I believe it’s critical to have open and transparent conversations that allow for more streamline communication. 

On Hot Sauce:

Nate: What’s your relationship with hot sauce and maybe you can remember a particularly good/bad experience with it?

Jordan: It’s a cautious one. I approach it very carefully because I’m not quite sure I’ve developed my heat tolerance yet.